The Two Hats Blues Band

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These Two Hats sell blues...

All kinds of blues. 
Sad blues, angry blues, lonely blues, laughing blues, shake ‘em on down blues, slow blues, blues to help you change your life, blues to help you shoot your wife - we’ve got all types, all measures. 

Want a mess of blues?  We’ll just squirt that all over you, no questions asked.  You want a bag of blues?  Bring your own bag.  A barrel of blues?  Fill that up for you – that’s a lot of blues, though, likely it’ll cost you a bit. Nothing tame about these blues either – no watered down, ‘blues flavoured ‘ products here.  These blues going to leave you back to front and inside out. 

Sold these blues to a dentist in Bremen once.  He started pulling teeth out, and sticking them back in other people’s mouths.  Hell of a thing. Another time, up in Aberdeen, times were so hard, we sold some blues to a children’s entertainer.  We don’t talk about that so much, though, see, on account of it being bad for business.

Anyways, you buying?  Figured you’d take a shine to us.  Was a time, we’d ask to meet you at the crossroads at the dead of night. 
Nowadays, we tend to find we get more business using the computer.